How to Examine Tea Whisk (Chasen) [Japanese Tea Ceremony Urasenke ]

How to Examine Tea Whisk


In this article, we will introduce the correct method of examining a tea whisk (chasen) in the Urasenke school, a representative school of the Japanese tea ceremony. You can learn by watching videos. We also show you the best places to buy chasen (tea whisk) on Amazon US.


How to Purify Tea Bowls

  • Pour some hot water into the tea bowl.
  • Take the tea whisk with your right hand, mainly using your thumb and pointing finger. Make sure that your right thumb is under the knotted string of the tea whisk when you pick it up.
  • Place the whisk inside the tea bowl at the 3 o’clock position as you extend your right fingers. Your middle finger touches the rim of the tea bowl. Release the tea whisk handle gently. At the same time, your left hand is securing the tea bowl by holding the 9 o’clock position of the tea bowl.
  • Adjust your grip by rotating your right hand to hold the whisk handle with your right thumb on top of it.
  • Bring the tea whisk up until approximately 12 inches above the floor. (If using the table, up to 7 inches above the table depending on the height of the table.) Then rotate your wrist as you lower the tea whisk back to the 3 o’clock position inside the tea bowl. Remember to extend your middle finger to your pinky finger. Let go of the whisk.
  • Adjust the grip again and place your right thumb on top of the tea whisk. Repeat this motion of raising the tea whisk in the air once more time. While doing so, check the bristles of the tea whisk to make sure they are not broken.
  • Regrasp the tea whisk with your right thumb on top, then rinse the whisk inside the tea bowl with back-and-forth motion five or six times, and from the far side of the tea bowl, draw a Hiragana “の” shape inside the tea bowl brushing against the rim. When the “の” shape is drawn, bring your left hand to touch the side of the tea bowl to form Japanese Katakana character “ハ” with both wrists.   
  • Take the tea whisk from the center of the bowl.

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